“I’d had my eyebrows tattooed before by two or three different technicians and I hadn’t been impressed – the colour was patchy and didn’t stay well in my skin, and the positioning and shape wasn’t perfect. When I met Alison McMath and told her about my experiences with permanent makeup, she felt that with her techniques and methods, I could gain a better result. I had my first tattoo session with Alison about six weeks ago and I’ve just had a top-up and … I love my eyebrows! The colour is even and the shape is fab! Alison paid a great deal of attention to detail and took time to explain the procedure and aftercare. To anyone considering permanent makeup, I would definitely recommend researching practitioners and, if possible, looking at their previous work and testimonials from their clients. I am very happy to recommend Alison to anyone considering permanent makeup. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the best!” Anna Fur Laxis

“Hi Alison, Absolutely delighted with my eyebrows!!!! You are an amazing lady and so talented. You have given me my confidence back which I had lost having endured months of treatment for breast cancer. Thanks again.” J. Warburton, Wigan

“Hi Alison, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the beautiful eyebrows you have now given me! No one can tell they are tattooed and they have changed the whole look of my face – even if I don’t wear makeup, the eyebrows give my face a good structure. Thank you also for the care you took in not rushing the job and doing it completely to my satisfaction. Much appreciate it and I wish you the very best with your business.” K.B, Manchester

“Dear Alison, Just to say ‘THANK YOU’ for doing my eyebrows. They are great! I had a really enjoyable time at your open evening too. Thank you so much to everyone who helped on the evening. I wish you good luck and continued success in the future. You deserve it and your salon is excellent and second to none.” Jean, Chorley

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. You are an excellent technician and I would recommend you to anyone.” May, Liverpool

“I can’t believe how great my lip blush looks! You’ve managed to put the definition back that I thought I’d lost forever. Thank you so much” Marie, Chorley

“Having eyebrows for the first time in over twenty-five years has really transformed both my features and my self confidence. From my first visit to Alison, five years ago, she has maintained a high standard of professionalism and competence. But it is her flair for colour and style, her instictive understanding of what suits an individual which marks her as a true artist. She is also a lovely person. Well done and thank you Alison!” Kathryn, Lytham St Annes

“I’m actually a friend of someone who had treatment done with Alison. At 13, she lost her eyebrows in an accident and has had to draw them on ever since. I accompanied my friend for her treatment which was to have her eye-brows semi-permanently tattooed on. Alison took so much time getting colour, shape and symmetry correct. When she had completed the treatment, which she said caused her no discomfort, due to the fact that Alison had ensured enough numbing lotion was applied, I could not believe how real her eyebrows looked. Using a combination of needles created an absolutely realistic, 3d effect and you could see each ‘hair’ individually looking like real eyebrows. After a couple of weeks my friend went back for her touch up procedure, which was again performed with time, patience and absolute precision. Now my friend has gained self-confidence after 39 years.” Christine, B

“I had my semi-permanent eyebrows done by Alison McMath last June and it is the best thing I have ever had done. The colour is still amazing and the shape is absolutely perfect – just how I wanted them to be. I feel allot more confident now because my eyebrows were quite sparse at the ends and my makeup is so easy to do now because I don’t have to spend any time perfecting my eyebrows like I used to.” Hayley, F, Chorley

“My eyebrow re-touch is fantastic! The best ever! Thanks very much.” Christine, Chorley

“Thank you for giving me my eyebrows back! I’ve thrown away my eyebrow pencil at last. They look so natural that no one has noticed.” Donna, Blackpool

“I wanted to let you know that my eyelash enhancement is the perfect definition without looking too heavy. It’s just what I wanted.” Chris, Chorley

“Having made the decision to have my eyebrows tattooed, I can honestly say that the whole procedure was totally painless.  After being without eyebrows for over thirty years, they have now been transformed and look absolutely stunning. Alison is a highly experienced & true professional and I would highly recommend her work to anyone.” Tracey, Euxton



“Hi Alison, I came to you about six weeks ago for the skin needling. Just some feedback to let you know it is wonderful, an amazing transformation in my skin. I have yet to do it again but I’ve had a lot of comments. I would recommend it to anyone. So thanks for that. It’s an excellent treatment.” Sarah, Lancaster




“Having been introduced to Alison through a mutual friend, I feel so very lucky to have found her. Alison has the calmest, most supportive and well advised approaches to everything I wanted to discuss and then try. Beginning with having my eyebrows waxed, which I’d never done before (in all my 38 years), she really enhanced the framing of my face without removing too much. I was very pleased and her pricing structure was absurdly competitive. After another visit, we discussed my facial hair concerns, with her suggesting a course of IPL, giving me plenty of advice and supplementary information for me to mull over. Deciding to go ahead, I have really started to notice the effect and benefit of having it done (treatment still currently ongoing). And, again, her pricing was SO good! Now I’m looking at all the other hairy elements of my body and considering future treatments! I cannot stress enough how sincerely kind and supportive Alison has been. For anyone who is a little reticent about having certain beauty treatments done (as I was), please book a visit to see Alison for a consultation.” N. Edwards, Rossendale

“Having been a customer of Alison’s for several years. I made the decision to have IPL Laser treatment on three regions of my body – lower legs, bikini line and upper lip. For reasons that follow I would recommend this as a therapeutic cosmetic process.
Having previously spent time, money and experiencing significant degrees of discomfort I decided it was time to take a more permanent solution to this problem. Added to which I am now in a position to spend more of my time traveling and the prospect of more of waxing etc. was not something I relished.
My skin colour is quite fair but with dark hair both of which accentuated the problem. My treatment is now complete though may require some additional sessions. I have to say the results are one of the best treatments I have ever had done. Being a person of more mature years the freedom from constant management of this problem has been quite liberating and given me a little more confidence in those ‘pool side’ situations.

As is always the case with Alison her approach was totally professional and supportive. An initial consultation assessed my skin type and the procedure was explained. I had a package of six treatments. I have to be honest and say this is a treatment that can involve some discomfort. The level of discomfort is nothing compared to a single waxing procedure and it is permanent.
I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone particularly to those individuals who have had to deal with this depilation problem long term. You will be very pleased and relieved that you are freed from what after all is quite a painful problem to handle and most importantly as it has done in my case made you feel better about yourself. Thank you to Alison I would not hesitate to recommend your services and rate this procedure highly.” J.E.K, Chorley




“After years of trying different treatments for unwanted facial hair, I feel as though I am finally achieving the result I have been hoping for with electrolysis. From my initial visit, Alison has always been so very caring and sensitive through consultation and treatment. I always feel totally relaxed. No need to use creams or razor. Hair growth is much finer. I’m more confident as people comment on how young I’m looking! I continue my treatment and am looking forward to great results.” Pat, Chorley




“Dear Alison, Just a little note to say thank you. You did a great job in covering all my ‘blotches’ so I could enjoy the wedding day with confidence. You made the girls look beautiful. You were very kind and we all had a really good, special day. Thanks again.” Julie, Ashton-in-Makerfield

“I just want to say thank you so much for doing our makeup. We felt really good. It lasted all night and everyone kept commenting on it. You’re so clever! Thank you. Hope to see you soon.” Beverly, Garswood

“Dear Alison, I just want to say thank you for mine and my mums makeup. It was just perfect. I felt fab and it lasted all day. Best wishes.” Sue, Southport

“Alison, You’re one in a million! Thank you so much for all your help and advice in the run-up to my wedding. I really can’t thank you enough.” Alison, Chorley






“A wonderful and relaxing facial. Afterwards my face felt thoroughly cleansed and fresh with lovely soft skin and a really healthy glow. The treatment was so soothing particularly one of the products with lavender, which made me feel thoroughly de-stressed and sleepy. I felt great afterwards and have made it my New Year resolution to go once a month for my ‘me’ time.” Brenda, Euxton



“I’ve found a lovely way of relaxing in a restful environment. The massage lifted my mind and body. Aches and pains disappeared, only to be replaced by a sense of relaxed ‘well-being’. Thank you for encouraging me to spend some time on myself for a change and removing stress. I can honestly recommend your massage treatments to my friends.” Donna, Chorley



“I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to Alison for giving me the best beauty service I have ever experienced to this day. Her expert knowledge is a credit to her. Alison is a true professional and has a clear understanding of the client and actively suggests products and treatments tailored to suit individual needs. Thanks so much Alison for transforming my eyebrows from pencil thin and over-plucked to a beautiful set of lovely brows. Alison individually tailored them to flatter my face shape. Alison is fantastic at nail treatments, and I cannot recommend Gelish and Vinylux enough. Two courses of IPL on my upper lip has reduced the hair-growth completely, and finally Skin Needling and Medik8 Retinol 3TR has completely transformed my skin and my milia has disappeared. Thanks again for every thing you’ve done for me. You’re absolutely amazing at what you do.” Rizwana, Chorley

“Alison McMath is an absolute specialist when it comes to beauty. I truly recommend her to all my female friends!” Vivienne, New York, New York

“Thanks to you Alison, I now love my eyebrows. You gave them a really good shape and colour.” Jill, Chorley

“Very friendly and professional and always happy to help. The salon is relaxing and calming. A great range of products and treatments.” Deborah, Chorley

“Relaxing and immaculate surroundings. Always very professional.” Lyn, Euxton

“Excellent therapist and a lovely person too. Would recommend anything by Alison. Very gentle person and patient. Very good at her job.” Michelle, Dundonald

“Alison really knows her stuff and has access to a lot of the latest treatments and products. She’s warm and friendly and her treatment room is very relaxing and well-maintained.” Alison, Chorley



“I recently had my first manicure with you and will definitely be having more. My nails are short and you made them look lovely. I hated my hands before and now I admire them!” Jill, Chorley

“Wonderful! The only salon I’ve found whose nail extensions don’t lift, peel or chip. Always has a great choice of the latest colours too! Very friendly atmosphere.” Joan, Euxton

“I have to have lots of medication which has an adverse effect on my skin, particularly my hands. When Alison does a manicure, it relieves a lot of problems with soreness and dry hands and makes me feel a lot better.” Agnes, Chorley