SkinPep® Super Hydrating Growth Factor Facial – £40

A gentle, hydrating facial to supercharge the skin with moisturising ingredients. This treatment cleanses, brightens and revitalises without drying and gives skin the hydration it needs. After a gentle cleanse, skin is infused with a combination of anti-oxidants and Hyaluronic acid which penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing it from the core.

SkinPep® Clarifying Facial Treatment – £20

Specifically for oily or acne prone skin. Skin is treated with a liquid exfoliator which deeply cleanses without drying the skin. A combination of 15% Vitamin C and 0.5% Retinol is then applied to help soothe areas of redness and after a 4 treatment course blemishes and over oily conditions will be dramatically improved.

Medik8 Hydr8 Facial – £40

Deeply hydrating and restorative facial treatment. Brings back the skin’s vitality and flexibility and eliminates dehydration with rich and nourishing ingredients. This facial re-establishes the skin’s comfort sensation at once as it locks optimal moisture levels inside the skin cells and helps to maintain the optimum rate of hydration for hours.




Medik8 Red Alert Facial – £40

Delicate facial treatment designed specifically for hypersensitive skin with visible thread veins or prone to redness. Using vitamin C, vitamin K, teprenone and algae to strengthen and seal broken capillaries, calm and soothe stressed skin and reduce the risk of sensitive skin reactions. Recommended for hyper-sensitive and redness-prone skin types. Skin Vit C and Skin Vitality 2 are the perfect supplements to enhance the results of this facial.

Medik8 Beta Facial – £40

Intensive treatment for oily/combination or acne-prone skin types. This treatment is designed to normalize sebum secretion, alleviate environmentally stressed skin while improving the skin’s hydration, texture and tone. Recommended for oily, congested and acne-prone skin.Results using the advanced nutrition programme skin accumax.

Medik8 White Balance Facial – £40

A complete and extremely effective brightening treatment for face, neck and decollete based on carefully selected ingredients with brightening properties. Recommended for hyper-pigmented skin types.

Medik8 Anti-Ageing Facial – £40

Designed for skin concerned with the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. The skin appears firmer, plumped and more toned. The appearance of fine lines is softened for younger-looking skin.“A wonderful and relaxing facial. Afterwards my face felt thoroughly cleansed and fresh with lovely soft skin and a really healthy glow. The treatment was so soothing particularly one of the products with lavender, which made me feel thoroughly de-stressed and sleepy. I felt great afterwards and have made it my New Year resolution to go once a month for my ‘me’ time.” Brenda, Euxton