IPL Laser


What is IPL?

IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light. The IPL machine is used to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair. RF is short for Radio Frequency. Waves of electromagnetic energy targets the skin and the layers underneath that contain fats and collagen. The results achieved with these two technologies combined are far superior for all hair types, whilst significantly reducing any feelings of discomfort.


Elight – IPL and RF (radio frequency) combined

Has all the main advantages of light based lasers.
Higher total combined energy can be delivered to the target area without risk of epidermal damage.
Greater treatment depth due to RF
Enhanced selectivity and targeting.
Safer on darker skin types than IPL alone.
Ability to treat lighter hair.

Hair Removal

Very small area lip or chin
Small area half face
Small-med full face or neck or bikini or underarms
Med area chest or upper arms or lower arms or half stomach (to naval) or full face and neck
Med-large area full face, neck and décoletté or upper chest and abdomen or half leg
Large area full face, neck and half stomach (to naval) or half leg and bikini
Ex large area full face, neck, décoletté and full stomach or full leg and bikini

Price List for hair removal

Very small area £20
Small area £35
Small to medium area £45
Medium area £55
Medium to large area £70
Large area £90
Extra large area £110

Multiple sessions will be required (between six and ten) to achieve optimum results. After completing a course, a booster treatment can be taken once or twice a year, or as required.

Courses of six hair removal procedures at the following fantastic prices:

Very small area £108
Small area £189
Small to medium area £243
Medium area £297
Medium to large area £405
Large area £486
Extra large area £594

“Having been introduced to Alison through a mutual friend, I feel so very lucky to have found her. Alison has the calmest, most supportive and well advised approaches to everything I wanted to discuss and then try. Beginning with having my eyebrows waxed, which I’d never done before (in all my 38 years), she really enhanced the framing of my face without removing too much. I was very pleased and her pricing structure was absurdly competitive. After another visit, we discussed my facial hair concerns, with her suggesting a course of IPL, giving me plenty of advice and supplementary information for me to mull over. Deciding to go ahead, I have really started to notice the effect and benefit of having it done (treatment still currently ongoing). And, again, her pricing was SO good! Now I’m looking at all the other hairy elements of my body and considering future treatments! I cannot stress enough how sincerely kind and supportive Alison has been. For anyone who is a little reticent about having certain beauty treatments done (as I was), please book a visit to see Alison for a consultation.” N. Edwards, Rossendale