Skin Needling

SkinPep® Vampire Collagen Treatment with micro-needle roller

A non invasive, painless treatment using a combination of a micro needle roller and powerful anti-oxidant for enhanced skin collagen renewal. When the micro needle roller is rolled over the skin, tiny (micro) holes are produced. This causes the skin underneath, to use your own body’s collagen to fill and soften lines and wrinkles. When combined with the topical application of Growth Factor Peptides and Pure Vitamin C, skin tone is dramatically improved and immediately radiant and even toned.

£200 for first treatment – includes a 4 step collagen growth factor treatment kit for home use, RRP £100

A course of three treatments is recommended, six weeks apart. Treatments two and three are £70 per treatment.

Restore a healthy-looking complexion with skin needling (collagen induction therapy). Stimulates natural collagen formation to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Encourages cell repair pathways to improve the appearance of scars, especially indented acne scars. Improves penetration and performance of serums and creams. For optimum results, skin micro-needling can be performed as a course of three, one every six weeks.

To further enhance the benefits of your skin needling procedure, it is recommended you purchase a Dermaroller, and recommended home-care products.

Medik8 – 1 x treatment £100
Medik8 – Course of 3 x treatments £240

“Hi Alison, I came to you about six weeks ago for the skin needling. Just some feedback to let you know it is wonderful, an amazing transformation in my skin. I have yet to do it again but I’ve had a lot of comments. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s an excellent treatment.” Sarah, Lancaster