Permanent Cosmetics

190Permanent cosmetics (sometimes known as semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation) has made its mark on the anti-aging world. It is recognized by top cosmetic surgeons as a must for rejuvenation. Many clients say how Alison’s work has made them appear and feel years younger.

How much does it cost?

Please remember this is your face. Pay cheap and the results will more often that not be less than satisfactory. Permanent makeup is a revolutionary treatment that can make a huge difference to your confidence and self-esteem. Each procedure is tailored to a specific individual’s requirements. e.g. a thick winged eyeliner may take several applications. The price reflects the expertise required to carry out such procedures. Consider the training, skill, expertise and knowledge of the technician when choosing to have any permanent makeup procedure.

Hairstroke or powdered eyebrows £299
Combination eyebrows mixture of hairstroke and powdered £350
Eyelash enhancement a fine line of colour through lashes £250
Eyeliner lower £149
Eyeliner upper £199
Eyeliner upper and lower £299
Lip liner £299
Lip liner & blush of colour shaded from the lip line £350
Full lip colour £450
Beauty mark plus £40 for each additional one £75

The above prices include a FREE colour perfecting re-touch procedure four to six weeks after your initial procedure.

Colour boost within eight months £75
Colour boost within twelve months £99
Colour boost after twelve months £150

Corrective work – price available at consultation.

Consultation – £50 redeemable against your first treatment.