Consultation and Procedure

Now you have discovered permanent makeup by Alison McMath, the next stage is simple and straight forward. Firstly contact Alison to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment. Alison always provides a professional personal service and you can be assured that at every stage of the process she will be there for you. Once you are satisfied with the proposed procedure then the following stages will take you through your consultation to procedure and finally aftercare information.

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Make contact

Call Alison on 01257 278305 to answer any of your questions and discuss your requirements. You can also request a call back by email:

Book a procedure or consultation appointment

When you have made contact with Alison you can then book a consultation or procedure at a location suitable for you. A deposit of £50 is requested to secure your appointment (redeemable on procedure). A medical health form, pre-procedure, aftercare advice and a patch test kit (to check your compatibility with pigments and numbing cream) can be sent to you. On the day of your procedure a full consultation will determine your suitability.

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The consultation with Alison will answer any further questions or concerns you may have. Consent forms will be completed and Alison will discuss with you what you would like to achieve with your permanent cosmetics. With her expertise and guidence she will help you decide on a realistic choice that’s just right for you. During the consultation, Alison will:
Assess the best colour. This is your own unique colour choice expertly chosen by Alison from a great selection of the finest grade pigments. Alison will enhance your facial symmetry using traditional cosmetics. She will create a new look that is unique to you. This will allow you to visually see how the permanent makeup will look and ensures the result is exactly what you desire. When you are satisfied with the design, this will be used as the template for your procedure. Alison will never carry out any procedure until you are entirely satisfied with the design of your procedure.

At this stage the chosen procedure normally takes place.

However, if you have not booked the procedure to follow the consultation please book with Alison for the next available date.

Before procedure photography

This is for Alison’s records. Clients can view their before photos.

Anesthetic cream

An anesthetic numbing cream is applied to the procedure area to ensure your maximum comfort. Note: Council guidelines now request that each client purchases and applies their own numbing cream which can be bought over the counter at most chemists.


Important aftercare details will be explained to you to ensure you take care of the treated areas for the next seven days. You will also be given an aftercare leaflet and balm to applied for seven days. Alison’s contact details will be provided should you wish to ask any questions.

Payment and book your free perfecting retouch

Alison accepts all major credit/debit cards. Book your free perfecting retouch between four to six weeks post procedure.

Retouch appointment

This appointment allows for Alison to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary to ensure your permanent cosmetic enhancement is complete.

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Consultation duration: Allow 30 minutes.

Procedure duration: Allow 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. Some procedures may take longer to perform. Alison will advise you at point of booking.

Retouch duration: Allow 1-2 hours from start to finish.

Further re-touch/colour boost procedures

Sometimes it is necessary to do a another re-touch procedure. You will be charged £75 for a re-touch within eight months of your initial procedure and £99 within one year of your initial procedure. After one year a charge of £150 is applicable.