Why Choose Alison

Ali_later_bIt’s essential you choose the best possible technician to carry out your procedure. The main aim of your research should always be to find someone you trust. Permanent makeup is a real skill so please ensure you don’t choose a technician based on the best price you can find. Remember this is your face, pay cheap and the results will more often that not be less than satisfactory. Permanent makeup is a revolutionary treatment that can make a huge difference to your confidence and self-esteem. Please spend some time looking through this website and view the testimonials from Alison’s many satisfied clients.

The next step

Learn more about permanent makeup from a leading technician and call Alison on 01257 278305 to find out more or to book a consultation. She will explain everything there is to know about the procedures which will put your mind at ease. Alison is confident all your questions will be answered on this website and a consultation will further expand your knowledge of permanent makeup.

You will then have an excellent standard to help you with any further research you need. Never feel pressurized. A professional technician will always offer you the opportunity for a consultation. Alison is truly passionate about the industry, the standards, hygiene and safety to clients. With twenty years experience with combined skills in permanent cosmetics, makeup artistry and beauty therapy, Alison is perfectly qualified to answer all your questions and ultimately prepare you for this wonderful life-changing treatment.

To discuss any aspect of your procedure or concerns please feel free to contact Alison on 01257 278305.